Let's Change the Way Society Looks At, Listens To, and Understands Women in Midlife

The experience of midlife for women has been misunderstood, misrepresented, and given an all-around bad rap for far too long...


It’s Time For Us To:

  • Kick the widely accepted misconceptions and myths to the curb once and for all
  • Make women’s experience of midlife accurately and FULLY understood
  • Assure younger generations of women that there is SO much to look forward to
  • Be recognized, appreciated, and revered for who we really are and all we have to offer


And above all, it’s time for us to refuse to be invisible and show we’re invincible.

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Aging isn’t taboo. Talking about it, celebrating it, and lifting each other up is key to shifting away from our anti-aging culture and helping younger women know all they have to look forward to.